Sterile passage tent equipment

  • 2020.03.28 Saturday
  • 01:34

Dear Friends

In view of the current impact of coronavirus on people, our company has developed tents and disinfection equipment suitable for all kinds of places to implement a full range of strict disinfection of people in and out.There is no limit to the number of sites that can be sterilized as long as people pass through the passageway, which is responsible for everyone.*t7b*qxoud5udleht2j9t61jydcry8ihwsautblagdpkqharccs4s57iv0a!!/b&bo=kaesazablaerct4!&rf=viewer_4!/b&bo=cag4baaaaaarf2q!&rf=viewer_4*dsgsrfqttlwscpv5vdmonfuxq7qhkmd89jswgbr82m1s5f3w!!/b&bo=iaribqaaaaarb3m!&rf=viewer_4


Thanks & Best regards


Happy Land Amusement co.,Ltd.



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    Re:Bathroom Accessories

    • 2020.03.26 Thursday
    • 21:46

    Hello dear friend,

    This is Jasmine from Foshan IVA Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd, a factory specialized in manufacturing bathroom accessories for 18 years.

    Glad to know your information from website and know that you may need bathroom accessories. We are happy to share you our hot selling items after getting your reply.

    Competitive Advantages:

    1. OEM for famous companies like, TOTO, Jamoo,HAFELE,EAGO etc;

    2. CNC advanced devices for quick production;

    3. Ni:12-15um,Cr:0.25-0.3um; Pass 24 hours AASS test and 300 hours NSS test

    4. Price can be decided by you.


    For more information, glad to send you after getting your reply.


    Best Regards,


    Skype: windxie1

    Mobile:+86 13929993455 (whatsapp&wechat)

    Company: Foshan IVA Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd

    Add: Tanbian Industrial Zone, Shishan, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China


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      • 2020.03.26 Thursday
      • 14:26
      Hello dear,

      How are you doing?

      Just wondering if this quotation you gave my colleague is still

      The items marked in yellow are being modified, we need you to
      Kindly check the attached at earliest and revert back to us is
      Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

      Ash Wini
      Purchase Manager,

      Sarin Industries
      D/299, TTC Indl Area,
      MIDC, Turbhe Naka,
      Navi Mumbai 400 705.
      Tel: (022) 27618067, 65162257 / 54
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        • 2020.03.25 Wednesday
        • 12:14
        Koharunogohan,Wonderful day

        Let me know if you are interested,I would love to work with you on this!
        Your eternal soul mate!

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          Business Partnership

          • 2020.03.25 Wednesday
          • 07:04
          A very good day to you,

          How are you doing today? My name is Graham Miller and I am glad
          to be connected with you, I have a business proposal I would like
          to discuss with you in private, it involves a business
          opportunity that will be of huge benefit to both of us. Further
          details will be shared after I receive your reponse.

          Kindly reply me through this private email address:

          Thank you in anticipation for prompt response.

          Yours truly,
          Mr. Graham Miller
          Private email: (
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            • 2020.03.24 Tuesday
            • 12:00

            用户     ID



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            02:59 2020-03-24 分进行例行维护!






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              Crutec Co., Ltd. First order 2020

              • 2020.03.23 Monday
              • 19:41

              Hello a49a119aa104d5

              How are you today, I hope you stay safe from the COVIC-19 Virus.

              We are Interested in buying your product.

              Kindly send your company latest catalog and your best price list.

              Also confirm your company mode of payment.

               Bong Jun, Namkung

              ( President & Supply Chain Manager)

              Crutec Co., Ltd.

              36-1, Geumhwa-ro 627beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do,

              Republic of Korea.
              Tel: +82-(0)31-316-2117 | Fax:+82-(0)31-316-2119


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                Request for quotation

                • 2020.03.23 Monday
                • 16:26
                Dear Sir/Madam,

                Greetings .
                Presently, we have requirement as per attached.We are interested
                in purchasing of your product, but we have particular brand of
                your product we want to purchase as Indicated on your Website.

                Kindly find attached Inquiry for Quotation

                Please Confirm to us if your company can make it available for
                us, also update us with your company Introduction for our

                Waiting for your early reply,

                Thank you in advance and we look forward for your reply soonest.

                Adnan Shaikh
                General Manager (Procurement)
                Karachi Shipyard
                Tel # 0092-21-99224045
                Ext # 380.

                Access to this email by anyone other than the addressee is
                unauthorized. Information is this email is confidential and is
                intended solely for the addressee (s). If you are not the
                intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately.

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                  Greetings From Canada

                  • 2020.03.22 Sunday
                  • 20:44

                  My name is Felix, a Chief Compliance officer at one of Canada’s
                  foremost Cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This is a private and
                  confidential message from me to you and I request that it be
                  treated as such.

                  I am contacting you in respect of an urgent matter (Deal)
                  regarding funds in excess of 9 Million US Dollars which resulted
                  from a liquidated BTC account belonging to a deceased account
                  holder. I will let you in on my plan and why I chose to contact
                  you in the first place after I have received your reply and
                  gaining your trust.

                  Many thanks and looking forward to your reply.

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                    Re:Mask N95 Mask stocked and sales

                    • 2020.03.22 Sunday
                    • 18:33

                    Dear friends.

                          Our company stocked large of mask. Disposable Face Mask, and N95 mask.

                    Shipping by DHL. UPS FEDEX TNT fast delivery.

                    Contact with me, If you need. small order accept.

                    Best regards

                    Mark Ming


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